The Piusa River Human Nature Park - Piusa Ragulka

To promote a harmonious living and working environment in the landscape reserves near the Piusa river in South -Eastern Estonia.

Short description
Throughout the history the valley and the banks of Piusa river (as both a cultural and political border between the East and West, between Russian and Estonian culture) have been one of the most popular living and working places in South-eastern Estonia. Presently, three landscape reserves could be re-established for similar objectives, and additionally, it is also pragmatic for promotion of tourism on account of its historical - cultural sites and various hiking opportunities.
On the foundation of co-operation with two County governments (Võru and Põlva), five communities (Vastseliina and Meremäe communities in Võru County; Värska, Orava and Veriora communities in Põlva County), business people, handicraft artisans, artists and other appropriate partners, the project aims at creating new work and living places for people who have several ideas and needs. The Piusa region holds great potential for synergy of people with higher education collaborating with different partners while working and living in co-operation.