Nature and sightseeings

There are mainly hills or ridges of valleys in Vastseliina, as the whole parish is formed by the Haanja Heights. The Piusa River with its picturesque banks is another important asset from an environmental point of view. Near the ruins of the ancient stronghold begins the Piusa River valley reserve along with a hiking trail that lets you explore the exciting river banks. The biggest lake is the Kirikume Lake. The lake and forests surrounding it form another beautiful landscape reserve. These two reserves play an important role in the development of tourism in Vastseliina. Overall, the ruins of the stronghold, the Piusa River and its valley are the most famous sights in Vastseliina. It is certainly worth the visit and do not forget to see the historically interesting Piiri Inn, the Vastseliina church, a unique church from the village of Puutli and the monument of the independence war in the Vastseliina borough. In addition, there are five tourism farms, three eating establishments and five shops in the municipality.




Tabina guesthouse
Inge and Villu Lepp. Tabina village. 078 29 100, 050 90 143. 8 places.

Käo guesthouse
Helgi Kuusik. Kõo village.052 03 055. 8 places.

Jõevere tourism farm
Ene and Mart Viitkin. Lindora village, 078 67 571
6 places in summer, sauna, camping, museum.

Kirikumäe guesthouse
Uuno Ruus. Kirikumäe village. 050 84 264. 36 places in summer, 9 places around the year. Sauna, camping, boats, bikes. Suitable for organising different meetings.

Kerepäälse tourism farm
Ulvi and Kalju Sikk. Kerepäälse village. 051 53 880. 10 places. Sauna, camping.