General Information

Vastseliina is situated in the south-eastern corner of Võru County, near the Russian and Latvian borders. The area of the municipality is 22 180 ha and the number of inhabitants 2 410. Vastseliina is crossed by Võru-Luhamaa Road which importance in transit has rapidly grown over the past several years. The centre of the municipality is the Vastseliina borough. There are 38 villages in Vastseliina. The main economic activities are agriculture, forestry and a growing service industry. The biggest education institutions are the secondary school, music school and kindergarten. Historically there has been two boroughs with the same name. One is the present centre with a parish church, the other an ancient frontier stronghold (VIIDE piiskopilinnusele turismi alt) surrounded by a small village from the 14th century. This fortress was destroyed, however, in 1702.

Future Prospects

Vastseliina is situated 12 km from modern border crossing post of Luhamaa-Šumilkino which plays important role in Estonian-Russian trade exchange. While taking into account the future enlargering process of European Union, Vastseliina will have a favourable position as a service and accommodation centre for East-West trading tourists.


The biggest private enterprises in thea area:

  • AS Förmann NT: Lumber, wood processing. Phone, fax.: 078 51 262, e-mail: See e-posti aadress on spämmirobotite eest kaitstud. Selle nägemiseks peab su veebilehitsejas olema JavaSkript sisse lülitatud.
  • OÜ Kiviliiv: Sand mining and processing. Phone : 078 29 233 
  • OÜ Talvar: Metal works, spare parts. Phone: 078 51 261, 078 51 481

Local Opportunities

Labour: 142 women and 259 men at the age of 20-60 are looking for work. The municipality is especially interested in the jobs for women.
Land : 5883 ha, in use 2520 ha
Forests : 10 572 ha, from which 3862 ha of government and 5198 ha in private use.
Local raw materials : Sand, clay

Buildings suitable for economic activities:
In Vastseliina borough:
Two buildings, 338m2 and 277m2
Near the borough:

  • A building built in 1991. The area 2000m2 (100x20), 5,5 m at its height, panel constructions.
  • A building complex from 1967. The area 2300m2 (100x18 ja 35x14), 4,5 m at its height, panel constructions.

 Environment : Many picturesque sights, cozy and peaceful
Transport : The nearest railway station in Võru (25 km), the bus connection with Võru and Tartu is good. Transport services offered by local firms.

Industrial Area

Location: Western part of Vastseliina borough, 25 ha.
Current situation: There are two sawmills, one repair shop and gas station working on the planned area.
Sites: Sites are available according the needs and speciality of industrial acitivities.
Energy supply: There are two electric power stations on the area which will supply firms with electricity.

The Industrial Park of Võru County

To facilitate the flow of investments, to improve the quality of the business environment in Võru County, to establish practical business development facilities and communication channels between large enterprises and SMEs (via the incubation centre).

Short description:
The Võru region is situated outside of larger cities which experience a drain of resources towards the rapidly growing capital, but as European integration is an important matter and Võru County will be an Eastern border of EU, it is essential to follow the demands for a border region in European Union.
This project will improve and renew the business environment, it will have a direct impact on small and medium size business development in Võru County.